Top 3 Dangerous Insects In The World


Top 3 Dangerous insects in the world

Fist of the list is starting from number 3 insects, the Tsetse Fly. It is a kind of blood sucking insects responsible for transmission of a disease called sleeping sickness. They live in mid continental Africa and are fed by anima [...]

Cambodia – A Look Back To The History From 9th To Late 19th Century


Cambodia – A look back to the history from 9th to late 19th century

Cambodia is the land of the Khmer, the dominant ethnos within the area stretching from the present deep into prehistoric culture. The Angkorian era Khmer Empire focused close to Siem Reap [...]

Cairo, The Extreme Beauty Of Nature


Cairo, the extreme beauty of nature

It is said that, man who has not seen Cairo, he has not finished his world tour. The city of sand is superbly eye catching for the travellers. If you ever go to Egypt, don’t miss Cairo. It is the place of extreme beauty. The roads [...]

The Home In The Ice


The home in the Ice

Skydome, a Russian enterprise has shaped a sequence of houses that rotate round a modern curved assembly. Now under expansion in the area of Moscow, these woody two floor half-spheres make a large, [...]

The Cave With The Sensation


The cave with the sensation

One of the World’s miracles wonderful is surely Reed Flute Cave situated 5 km away from the town of Guilin in Guangxi, China. This cavern got the title afterward the canes that produce earlier the entrance, which are identified [...]

Lucky Tourists Meet The Grey Whales


Lucky tourists meet the grey whales

Observing wild life from a close distance is a dream for every tourist. Some grey whales are spotted at the Baja California in New Mexico to entertain the tourists thoroughly. They create a magical [...]

Slow Motions Of Cats By Carli Davidson
Slow Motions Of Cats By Carli Davidson


Slow Motions of cats by Carli Davidson

Carli Davidson is a U.S. photographer and animal trainer who successfully launch her series of dogs and puppies shaking their heads. She’s been working with animals professionally since [...]

Barbados—The Country Where You Should Visit For Holiday


Barbados—The country where you should visit for holiday

Barbados originated from the Amerindian tribes who were the first people to move to live in this island. It was suspected that the Arawaks were moved off by cannibalistic Caribs from the island but [...]

Lovable Newborn Rhino Rescued Following Being Discarded By Its Mother


Lovable Newborn Rhino Rescued following being discarded by Its Mother

A toddler rhino had been discarded while a newborn because of an incident of mistaken identity and was subsequently saved by a rescue team of the locality. This rhino is [...]

Elephant Snapped While Drinking Toilet Water


Elephant snapped while drinking toilet water

Elephants like to have salty water but his elephant breaks the limit and framed in the camera while drinking toilet water. The huge mammal was caught by the camera when he is having the toilet [...]