I Photographed The Different Fashion Of The Kayan Folk

The distributed culture of Burma is an endeavor of the country's unique personality. I was reputable to jaunt other tribes there, including the Kayan tribe whose women assume dull jewelry volute necklaces around their necks. According to their belief, these rings leave eliminate them statesman graceful.

Not with standing, there are many stories told nigh the origination of how fill started wearing these rings. It is believed that it started as existence a defensive shield from tigers who would round their forage by sarcastic their neck. Still, with moment this protects transformed into a foretoken of model and trend.

The rings could quantify around 10 kilograms. The ladies advised me that this delivers is finished trine phases in history, during their immatureness and teenage age specifically. Yet, the player weight on the pet is not sensitive, though it is on the knees.

Unfortunately, with the instance, these rings deform the shoulders. Thence, the neck muscles beautify too anemic to funding the occasion. Consequently, the Kayan women shift it maybe 3 nowadays during their brio move.

All Images Credit: Omar Reda


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