When the ship stands on shore

We can see many expensive and luxurious hotels throughout the world. But they are maximum ordinary in shape. If you are in Korea, you can experience a luxurious hotel which is made just beside the sea shore. On a top hill by the sea, the hotel is constructed like a ship waiting for its departure. The design is so marvelous, that one can ask that how is it possible for a ship to climb up to the top of a hill? The 65 meter long and 45 meter high ship cruise hotel has a huge weight of 30000 tons.

All images courtesy of Sungjin Kim Photography via Unusual Places


Lеѕhаn Gіаnt Buddhа, Chіnа

Lеѕhаn Gіаnt Buddhа, Chіnа

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The Scented Flower Garden that makes a blind wife smile again

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The Killing Caves in Battambang

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Sang Saa Private Island – The havens of virgin rain-forests and glistening white beaches

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Celebrate annual Water Festival in Siem Reap

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Ta Prohm Temple: A state of beauty in a power of trees