10 reasons to visit South Africa

1. The coolest treehouse

This unimaginable accommodation is found at the Lion Sands Game Reserve within the Kruger Park. Guests are taken to the 'Chalkey Treehouse' at sunset for a picnic supper then left to spend a luxurious night within the bush. After dark, the night air is stuffed with the chatter of hyenas and also the occasional roar of a lion. Campers are left armed with mosquito repellent and a two-way radio.


2. Visit The Cango Caves, the largest cave system in Africa

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3. Stay in Nelson Mandela's former home

Last year the personal residence designed for the great leader opened to the general public as a luxury vacation retreat. It's situated on the Shambala personal Game Reserve, around a hundred and sixty miles north of Johannesburg. Prices begin at R70,000 (£3,248) per night. While this may appear costly, the property can sleep up to 12 people.


4. Trip to an incredible landscapes like the Valley of Desolation

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5. You can watch two oceans meet at Cape Agulhas

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Where else can you see this? 

6. Historic battlefields of Isandlwana 

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7. Bourke's Luck, a rock formation in the Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve

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8. It’s got one of the best luxury train trips in the world

The Blue Train covers the 994 miles from Cape Town to Pretoria in twenty seven hours, with one stop in each direction – the modern old city of Matjiesfontein in the Karoo on the north journey, and the historic diamond-mining town of Kimberley on the journey back.

You can also travel from port to Jo’burg on the weekly Premier class train for £132 or on the four-times-per-week Shosholoza Meyl Sleeper for an unbelievable about £30. Premier Classed passengers enjoy cozy personal sleepers with three-course meals included in the elegant eating house car and the day spent scenery gazing in a lounge with piano-bar - luxury on a budget.

9. Cape Town is one of the world’s best city

You really can’t magnify the case for visiting Cape Town. First, there’s the in-your-face beauty of a craggy range of mountains that drops sharply into a glittering ocean, its flanks carpeted in green. Then there’s the pristine white beaches lapped by – it should be said – a chilly Atlantic, their curves outlined by large granite boulders to bake on, and burbling mountain streams in mottled forests.

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10. It hosts the greatest migrations - the sardine run

First reported within the Natal Mercury paper on August 4, 1853, this can be one of the great global events of the marine calendar. It involves massive shoals of sardines moving north on the coast of the Eastern Cape and Natal, with numbers immeasurable to man. They’re pursued by anything with teeth, a beak – or a camera.




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