Cairo, the extreme beauty of nature

Image courtesy of Stephan Geyer via Flickr

It is said that, man who has not seen Cairo, he has not finished his world tour. The city of sand is superbly eye catching for the travellers. If you ever go to Egypt, don’t miss Cairo. It is the place of extreme beauty. The roads, picaresque view of the city life and the sand y atmosphere will definitely make you feel splendid. The 13th largest city of the world always welcomes you with the warmth of Egyptian art and culture. The below pictures describe the glance of the city which will definitely attract you and make you heartbeat faster.

Image courtesy of Marwa Morgan via Flickr

Image courtesy of Ville Miettinen via Flickr

Image courtesy of Guillén Pérez via Flickr


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Cairo, The Extreme Beauty Of Nature

Cairo, the extreme beauty of nature

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