Paris aquarium offers a night with fully grown sharks

A contest organized by Airbnb is giving 3 lucky winners the chance to spend a night within the company of sharks. The winners will get access to a clear glass room submerged within the 33-foot deep Paris aquarium settled by thirty five sharks.

On the 11, 12, and 13 of April, the Paris aquarium offers a night of total entanglement in a room with fully grown sharks. It is not a simply room: winner will sleep in a circular bed, with a view of the world of sharks. The distinctive room was apparently tested for sturdiness in the waters of the Mediterranean.

The unusual event will be hosted by free diver, artist, and shark enthusiast Fred Buyle, and a marine biologist will offer the winners with an exclusive way on sharks –their role and their mysterious lives within the ocean’s delicate ecosystem.

Sharks are extremely misunderstood. People have to be compelled to understand that sharks aren't dangerous, they're only dangerous behaviors with sharks. It’s a good chance to point out people that you can swim with sharks, you'll be able to be with sharks and nothing dangerous happens, but also that we'd like to guard the sharks because they're like crucial for the scheme. If sharks disappear, we disappear, mainly.

When arrive, the winners will be taken to their room for displays, followed by dinner and a night among the sharks. A twin bed, linens, soap, toilet tissue, and shampoo are all enclosed within the package, as well as breakfast following morning. The stay is totally free, as is the travel arrangement to and from Paris.

If selected, guests will be prohibited from diving or swimming in the aquarium, and will be needed to keep their hands and feet inside at all times. Selfies aren't allowed when dark because sharks are sensitive to lightweight. And though it’s not required, the organizers advice against watching movies like Jaws or Les Dents de la Mer, before checking in.

All images courtesy of Airbnb


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