Photos of the weirdly beautiful abandoned Balmain Leagues Club by Brett Patman

Photographer Brett Patman is working on his project Lost Collection, which he captured the view of an abandoned building into attractive photograph. Recently, Patman has introduced us to his album of beautiful abandoned Balmain Leagues Club comprised of street art inside the building. 

The Ramp to the vault carpark. The contrast of bright vibrant colors against the bleak, grey concrete make this lane unique abandoned area.

First flat of the carpark

A stairwell that leads from the basement carpark up to the club.

The room with dust covered beer taps and pokies.

Part of the main entrance to the club.

The reckless Balmain Leagues Club at Rozelle. Photos shot inside the auditorium. This room was almost completely dark.

That piece in the distance is probably recognizable to anyone who walks past this building on Victoria Road every day.

Nature reclaiming the walkway to the back carpark. 

See more images by Brett Patman on Daily Telegraph


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Photos Of The Weirdly Beautiful Abandoned Balmain Leagues Club By Brett Patman

Photos of the weirdly beautiful abandoned Balmain Leagues Club by Brett Patman

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