The best way to earn money using your photography

Making money through photography industry is not a very difficult thing to do. First of all, you have to make confident in what you are doing in this industry. Second, you have to build something necessary to get close to this industry that will help you gain confidence. For example, you can go to photography class, join seminars, or enroll in art school. The following items help make your dream come true.

1. You have to have a camera and a lens: of course, you can take a picture of other people or nature and get paid. It’s helpful if you have a computer with internet access to upload your pictures to sell it online putting your contact information for large resolution image.

2. Start to shoot: If you want to photograph animals and do portraits then you start taking pictures of your pet, your friends' pet, as many animals as you possibly can.

3. Put all your images into one body of work online: you can create a template for your photo or create a video about your image.

4. Shoot everything: you can shoot all images and keep them for use later whether the images are good or not.

5. Shoot many types of things: categorize your photos such as car, nature, or people. Do not shoot the same types for the rest of your life. Try to create your portfolio of your work.

6. Devote your time in this work: spend at least 50% of your time to this work. Try to check often your email or pages you created to see the update information or order from your prospective customers.

7. Help your client to grow with you: at first, you may not charge them so much but as your shooting is continued, you might want them to grow with you. You can start pay them for being your model or you might want them to pay you for promoting their photos.

8. Getting a mentor: skillful persons who are already in this industry can help you success. Some business people also can help you make money such as those who say “I need to take 60 photos of wedding and birthday party.” That is the right helper. Contact them.


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