Women Beauty from Post cards during the 1900s

As the old expression goes – beauty fades. Fortunately currently we have cameras to prevent that beauty in time. And currently photography has been here long enough therefore we may try this 100-year-old throwback to the foremost stunning ladies around the world.

Photographed back within the 1900s and 1910s these postcards have immortalized the distinctive beauty of ladies from totally different walks of life and ethnicities. Thanks to Flickr user PostMan, who has been gathering a set of those beauties, we now have the chance to look back in time and see how we compare to them. 

Rita Martin

Luzon Woman From The Philippines

Japan Female-Warrior

Gypsy Girl With Mandolin

Anna Pavlova Was A Russian Prima Ballerina

Unknown Lady With Book

All images courtesy of PostMan via Flickr


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