Making elegant portraits with Canon 70-200 millimeter f2.8 lens

Many people love taking photo or being a model for their loved one included family. But what if their pictures come out beyond their expectation? Or do they have to spend more time to do the same thing again and again? That sounds not good for professional photographer as people’s emotion and expectation cannot be paid like other products. If you are a beginner of shooting photo, then this video would be your great helper.

In this video, a model and the team of photographer have set up themes and environment of the photo with gorgeous lens of Canon 70-200 millimeter shooting at wide-open f2.8 lens. Then photographer set the shutter speed and increase ISO setting to 400 ISO and keep shutter speed up. This makes pictures sharper and look very well. To add lighting to the scene, the team need to use Rove Light 600 and need a little remote control on the top of the camera to trigger the Rover Light. Using the ambient meter information, they can set the correct attribute -- a tenth of a second f2.8 ISO a 100 to deliberately underexpose the ambient light. Finally they get the first lovely picture.

However, shooting a model is not just one picture. Changing position of the shoot, all camera settings are also reset. In this case, the team switch the setting to manual, 1 -160th of second, F4, ISO 100, to shoot another picture. Then the model become exposed and background is a little bit underexposed, so the flash is producing exactly the right amount of light.

Taking a beautiful picture is easy. The first thing is you have to consider about the background to shot, then try to get once shots. By changing your opposition, lens, combining the ambient light, the flash, you can make a whole bundle of different pictures.


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