The nature inspired house by A. Masow Architects

First introduced in 2013, the tree design never made it happen because investors at that time decided to remove. But now there is a hope for this concept as one glass and solar panel investor has expressed interest in the project.

The A. Masow Architects created the design of the house which they believe will change the future! The uniqueness of it is that it is not dependent on the urban communications, does not need any connection, it is able to itself provide electricity, heat, water.

The house will allows everyone to be able to visit the house, drink coffee, read the book, to have dinner there etc. It will make everyone understand that it is not necessary to destroy the half of hectare of forest to build a small house for one family; it shows that 35 square meters of land are sufficient for one family, without any harm to the nature. It is also a good place for people to escape from the oppressive concrete boxes and feel the existing harmony with nature.

All images courtesy of Amasow 


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