7 amazing buildings in the world to explore in 2016

List here, are recommended buildings to explore in 2016 that provide background and history. All of them are designed by the top world companies that won architectural awards and improve nation charm.

1. Harbin Opera House, Harbin, China 

Image Credits: MAD Architects

The Harbin Opera House was designed by one of the world’s top emerging firms, MAD Architects, in response to the force and spirit of the Northern Chinese city of Harbin’s untamed wilderness and cold climate.

The building’s sinuous structure evokes the area’s stunning, hilly landscape. The Harbin Opera House was appearing as if formed by wind and water seamlessly blended in with nature and the topography—a transfusion of local identity, art, and culture.

2. The Iceberg, Aarhus, Denmark

Image Credits: Mikkel Frost

The Iceberg, named from its white jagged exterior is a housing project in Denmark’s second-largest city. The varied shapes and sizes, designed by JDS Architects, have a practical use: they help residents of this dense development get enough light and views. 

3. Whitney Museum, New York City

Image Credits: Renzo Piano Building Workshop

The Whitney Museum is a new home in downtown Manhattan’s Meatpacking District. The project will substantially enlarge the Whitney’s exhibition space, enabling the first comprehensive view of the Museum’s growing collection, which today contains over 19,000 works of contemporary and modern American art.

The museum’s rough materials and heavy massing are surprising that effectively evokes the area’s industrial past. The building’s dynamic spaces, oversized external galleries, and legendary art collection describe the ridiculous lines to get in. 

4. Sunpath House, Miami Beach

Image Credits: Casey Kelbaugh  

The Sunpath House in Miami Beach was designed by Christian Wassmann following the curving path of the sun. The house contains a sun deck, a glass and vine-enclosed living space, and an open ground-floor dining space.

5. Burntwood School, Wandsworth, UK


Allford Hall Monaghan Morris  own the RIBA Stirling Prize for best UK Building, girls' secondary school located southwest of London which wrapped angled, precast concrete panels around the outmoded buildings and used the same face for six new structures on campus. The amazing sculptural results are a model for how to heal the past, rather than tear it down. 

6. Learning Hub, Singapore

Image Credits: Hufton and Crow

A university building in Singapore was designed by Thomas Heatherwick as an inspiration for a wish to break down the traditional forward-facing classrooms with a clear front and hierarchy, and move to a corner-less space, where teachers and students mix on an equal basis. In this model, students work together, with teacher as facilitator, rather than ‘master’ acting a top-down model of pedagogy.

7. Shanghai Tower, Shanghai


Designed by U.S. Company Gensler, Shanghai Tower become one of the world's financial centers in little more than 2 decades. At 632 meters tall, Shanghai Tower is now the second-tallest building in the world. Its spiral form, which is covered with double glass wall, is designed to withstand typhoon-level winds.

Shanghai Tower has a symbolic meaning. Started in late 2008, at the height of worldwide concern in the early months of the world financial crisis, the building symbolizes China's self-confidence and the shift in the global balance of economic power.


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7 Amazing Buildings In The World To Explore In 2016

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