American artist turns spoons to incredible motorbikes

American artist James Rice has become an online sensation for making lovely bike sculptures using nothing but bent spoons. Pictures of his distinctive creations have gone viral, with hundreds of thousands of likes and shares. He also sells his figurines on Etsy from time to time, every bike priced within the range of $3,000 to $4,000.

Spoons are an uncommon art medium, and Air Force veteran Rice would most likely never have used them if his wife, Jeny Buckley, hadn’t mistakenly ordered them for wedding favors. Buckely had lot of spoons she erred on, but didn’t wish to throw them away. So, she asked Jim to create one thing cool for her. Rice instantly thought of motorbikes.

 “I could draw and I liked putting things back together. I created my own bikes. I improved cars, built motors. In middle school, I designed a mini bike. Something that had a motor in it, I was interested.” Jim said.

So hours later, he had engineered his very 1st sculpture – a basic bike made from spoons and wheel bearings for tires. He kept building more models, all more detailed and complicated than the last. And he stopped using other materials, focusing only on shaping details with stainless-steel spoons.

Over time, Rice has thought of ways to shape spoons without the use of heat or hammering. Thus he’s ready to provide them the form the specified shape without cosseting their beauty. He twists, and shapes spoons by hand. Everything is spoons - engine, wheels, tires, and gas tank. He really sees how to create the unassuming spoon into something new most of us would have never thought of.


Now that Rice has expended all spoons around the house, he and his wife, Buckley, spend their free time searching for more spoons at thrift stores sales. Their friends frequently bring over spare spoons as well. Buckley disclosed that it currently takes Rice months to complete all.

All Images Courtesy of Everlasting Spoonful /Facebook


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