Building your architectural concept with simple tools

You may use many types of things around you to get design concepts. You can use pens to make pen shaped building concepts, or use shower shaped home, or round home, that is, everything in your house can get you perfect thoughts of building design. Let’s start with the simple tools like mobile phone, battery, ruler, and pen to have an incredible sketch of building.


Dubai: The City Of Dynamic Building

Dubai: The city of Dynamic Building

The Home Of The Outlanders

The home of the outlanders

Construction Of The World’s Tallest Bridge In Millau

Construction of the world’s tallest bridge in Millau

7 Amazing Buildings In The World To Explore In 2016

7 amazing buildings in the world to explore in 2016

Artist Turned Abandoned Shop Into Attractive Building With Wooden Jacket

Artist turned abandoned shop into attractive building with wooden jacket

Bespoke Bamboo Homes By Elora Hardy

Bespoke bamboo homes by Elora Hardy