Bespoke bamboo homes by Elora Hardy

In 2010, Elora Hardy left her productive fashion career in New York and came back to her childhood home in Bali, that is where she determined to make bamboo houses for a living. Over the course of the last 5 years, Elora and her team at Ibuku have changed bamboo construction believing that this plant is both underused and a perfect natural resource.

Once treating this material with boron to form it undigested to insects, the group of talented artists have created many exceptional bamboo homes in Indonesia. "When I first saw these structures at green school under construction six years ago, I simply thought, this makes good sense. It’s growing all around us. It's sturdy. It's earthquake-resistant and elegant. Why hasn't this come out of the box sooner, and what will we do with it next?" questioned the bamboo enthusiast throughout her ted talk.

Elora was impressed to utilize bamboo by her father John Hardy which features bamboo structures that replicate the sustainable principles the school relies on. Then Elora decided to build the green Village, a sustainably designed village that redefines what it means that to use bamboo as a tool for construction.

All images courtesy of Ibuku


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Bespoke Bamboo Homes By Elora Hardy

Bespoke bamboo homes by Elora Hardy