bamboo: the festive useful plant

All around the class there are hundreds of thousands of unlike set species but there is one plant that stand above the rests in position of usefulness and fast growing. That plant is bamboo.

Bamboo is considered as grass species and the most fascinate useful plants growing in many countries. It is used by many architectures as sturdy building equipment, reinforcement in concrete, experimental swimming pool, shop decoration, and even in health structure.

With high technology, bamboo has been transforming into clothing industry when ultra-soft fabric that many companies start to put on luxury competed such as silk and cashmere. One such company is CarilohaBamboo which succeeded in this industry providing various products made from bamboo materials range from T-shirt to luxury king size bed sheet that are unique and fascinating.

Besides clothing, bamboo makes name for itself as the most renewable resources from economically friendly products to food source. Moreover, it is anti-bacterial that naturally converts carbon dioxide into clean oxygen up to 35 percent more than the average standard that help people breathe a little bit easier.   

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Bamboo: The Festive Useful Plant

bamboo: the festive useful plant

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