The giant hydro-electric dam across the mighty Yangtze River of China

China is among the biggest and fastest growing economies in the world. It fills its needs over accelerating industry. Much of this will be provided an enormous dam spanning the mighty Yangtze River of China. The three gorgeous dam has over 2 km long and sixty stories tall and it has taken 40,000 workers over 17 years to build.

Image credits: Stephen Wilkes

It is the biggest hydro-electric project in the world and can produce over 20,000 megawatt of power twice as much as form the nuclear power stations and equipment putting together. It is the highest dam engineering that will provide clean and cheap electric power to millions of people.

This dam used 28 million cubic meters of concrete. Before starting to build, the Chinese first went to divert the Yangtze River which almost 2 km wide and move over a million people from the daily robotic club. And when they filled the rest of the dam, a huge mass of water actually slowed down the speed of the extra stations by fraction.

The dam uses three powerhouses and each is 700 meters long. There are fourteen of large turbine generators and each one of the generator cost about 50 million dollars which give an idea scale of this project. Just one of these machines produces as much electricity as a small nuclear power plant. So, all thirty two generators together produce enough power for sixteen million Chinese.

The Yangtze River is over 6000 kilometer long and in places several kilometer wide, the biggest river in China. It presents enormous logistical challenges to the dam engineer. So the Chinese have to relocate over a million people from the land behind the dam, then the engineer can begin to dam the river.

The engineer begins work on a series of stone to block off part of the river while leaving a trail opened for the rest of the river to flow through. They build the first 2 sections of the main dam on the driver about, then they dumped tons of earth into the river, and on top of it builds another confidante. This time form concrete. With the river held in check behind it, they can finally build the last section of the bath. Then they must remove the confidante so the water can flow through the turbines of the main dam.

Base of the dam hold back the water during the flooding period about 22 billion cubic meter of water and then it release the control weight through this system of 46 growing gates.   

Image credits: Stephen Wilkes

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The Giant Hydro-electric Dam Across The Mighty Yangtze River Of China

The giant hydro-electric dam across the mighty Yangtze River of China