A 42-year-old Man wins ‘Mister Ugly’ Contest in Zimbabwe

Beauty contests are famous in southern Africa country and are normally for women. Instead, Zimbabwe has men ugliest contests which held annually. Mison Sere, a 42-year-old contestant have been crowned Zimbabwe’s 4th annual “Mr. Ugly” contest held on November 21, 2015 in HARARE by his numerous missing front teeth and a wide range of outrageous facial expressions, over William Masvinu, who had held the title since 2012.  

This decision have upset Masvinu and supporters of the crowd who called the winner too handsome and prompting rioting at the event. Masvinu mobbed the judges upon hearing their decision, claiming that Sere was "too handsome" to win and his ugliness wasn't natural just because of missing teeth. Masvinu said, gesturing at his rival, he was naturally ugly and Sere was not. Sere was ugly only when he opened his mouth.

This year’s contest attracted 36 contestants, compared to just 5 in 2012 when Masvinu began his winning streak. You can find out more information here.

All Images Credit: huffingtonpost 


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A 42-year-old Man Wins ‘Mister Ugly’ Contest In Zimbabwe

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