Patagonia: a journey to remember

Image Credit: Douglas Scortegagna

If you inquired from somebody who has visited there to define Patagonia, that would be complete like this: that site is on unreachable terrain. It is situated at the farthest corner of the world, continually bare to punitive wind, bad transportations and mountain series. Patagonia has permafrost on “highest” of South America. It is separated in the middle of Chile and Argentina. Patagonia inhabits about one third of these nations. The natural edge that splits Patagonia is The Andes mountain range. For somebody it signifies property of shingle and glaciers, for other folks is the Andes mount series with lovely lakes, fresh air and spectacular sceneries.

Image Credit: McKay Savage

Image Credit: Andrew Kudrin

Image Credit: Gonzalo Baeza

Image Credit: Douglas Scortegagna

Image Credit: Shubhika Bharathwaj

Image Credit:  Chris Ford

Image Credit: Douglas Scortegagna


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Patagonia: A Journey To Remember

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