600 Posters Challenge The UN COP21 Climate Conference In Paris


600 Posters challenge the UN COP21 Climate Conference in Paris

This November during the French state of emergency following terrorist attacks, 600 posters were covertly distributed and hung at bus stops around the city with secured glass. These posters [...]

The Origin Of Titicaca


The origin of Titicaca

The persons of Uros, a tiny South American community in Peru, have completed dwelling preparations for themselves. The process is so exclusive; they’re not discovered anyplace else in the earth. [...]

10 Reasons To Visit South Africa


10 reasons to visit South Africa

This unimaginable accommodation is found at the Lion Sands Game Reserve within the Kruger Park. Guests are taken to the 'Chalkey Treehouse' at sunset for a picnic supper then left to spend a luxurious night within the bush. [...]

The Art Of City Recreation By Julien De Casabianca


The art of city recreation by Julien de Casabianca

Julien de Casabianca is a French artist who run the project called Outings Project. He has drawn many street arts on urban street corners and abandoned buildings in the cities of USA, UK, France, and [...]

Stunning Photos With Bird Sound By Johnnie Lawson
Stunning Photos With Bird Sound By Johnnie Lawson


Stunning photos with bird sound by Johnnie Lawson

Johnnie Lawson is a brilliant photographer and sound maker behind these wonderful landscapes. He captures the natures for 8 hours along with the bird sound and waterfall sound. His collection is best [...]

Beech Avenue You Just Have To Walk Through Once In Your Lifetime


Beech avenue you just have to walk through once in your lifetime

Located in Ireland, this avenue of ancient beech trees along the Bregagh Road close to Ballymoney in County Antrim was planted over two hundred years ago. The trees were originally [...]

A Rare Amazonian Butterfly Named After Sir David Attenborough


A rare Amazonian butterfly named after Sir David Attenborough

This rare butterfly was named for a man who has spent much of his time surrounded by these wing critters, Sir David Attenborough. It is a remarkable specimen that resides only within a [...]

Affectionate Relation Between Predator And Prey
Affectionate Relation Between Predator And Prey


Affectionate relation between predator and prey

Prey is making a strong friendship with its predator. This is not a very common scene to experience. But this very rare footage framed in camera in the Kruger National Park located in South Africa. [...]

Sea-Section: Implausible Video Of Shark Being Born


Sea-Section: implausible video of shark being born

Beth Cordell, aged 44 and Lindsey Cordell, also aged 44, happened to be taking a stroll down the shoreline of Georgia, United States, with their 3 kids and a buddy when they saw a shark washed up on [...]

Paris Aquarium Offers A Night With Fully Grown Sharks


Paris aquarium offers a night with fully grown sharks

A contest organized by Airbnb is giving 3 lucky winners the chance to spend a night within the company of sharks. The winners will get access to a clear glass room submerged within the 33-foot [...]