Take a walk through a world where we meet ourselves

Japanese photographer, Daisuke Takakura, has started his project in 2012 called “Monodramatic” that describes dramatic composition written for one performer as multiple version of themselves.

The models are mostly actors, performers, and artists active in small theater in Tokyo, where the photographer also enjoys spending time. 

Imagine that you decide to do one thing rather than another, a different ‘self’ was created, explain the Japanese photographer. 

What would happened if these selves could meet and talk among themselves? 

Imagine that right now, you’re in an apartment in Paris, one another of you is walking in beautiful midnight air in Paris and another is sleeping in bed in Japan. Each one made different choice. 

Takakura imagines a world filled with “what-ifs” where each person could see the different life they could be living if they had decided differently. 

Takakura has chosen a path that combines photography, and theater to create unique images. It is his ambition to create photobook of work and no plan to stop.

All images are credited to Daisuke Takakura via www.edition.cnn.com

See more images from Monodramatic here or on Takakura’s website.



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