Amazing Woodcarvings in Dongyang

Image Credit: yangkai2013

Dongyang woodcarving is among the main schools of woodcarving in China and was first established during the Tang dynasty. The school is famous for its attractive high relief carving and delicate design which was appeared in many forms as ornate decoration on objects like desks, stools, cabinets, and wall.

One of its beautiful woodcarvings has been presented in the folk called The White Snake happened in the Tang dynasty and many other carvings described the daily life in ancient China. Possibly the most aspiring display of Dongyang wood carving is perceived on huge panels projected to be hung as artwork as shown here. You can see more about woodcarvings in Dongyang on and  Lustik 

Image Credit: Michael Lai 

Image Credit: Michael Lai

Image Credit: Christopher Jobson

Image Credit: Kunming  Green Lake Hotel

Image Credit: Kunming  Green Lake Hotel

Image Credit: Kunming  Green Lake Hotel

Image Credit: 


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Amazing Woodcarvings In Dongyang

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