Making a charming picture with simple things around your house

The simple things around your house can be easily used to make a fancy photo for your family. As in this video tutorial, the techniques and elements used in shooting a photo of a girl being blown by wind are very simple. First, it is used bunches of grass to make foreground by setting them closer to the camera to cover large foreground. Second, tree branches are used to make the top of the photo frame. Third it is used the grey backdrop that looked like stormy sky to give the impression of the person in the photo as though she is leaning into the wind. Last but not least, it is used wind and leaves to create action in the frame.

The professional photographer shoot on the 24-7mm Tamron lens at about 63mm setting aperture wide open at 2.8 to make depth of field is very shallow. Then they set the shutter 160 to the second to slow down the leaves while the ISO is set at 250 to make other settings fine.


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