The Goofy Pup with the famous irrepressible tongue

The goofy Chihuahua in this video that has an irrepressible tongue is now being compared to Miley Cyrus, the wayward pop star. This rescuer is named Mervin and he has created a stir online because of his lengthy licker that look comical. His owner is Joey Teixeira and he had adopted this dog in the year before from a shelter that he has been working in. All teeth of Mervin had been extracted as he was suffering from a severe form of dental disease. He went on to post snaps of this pooch online with sweaters and petite hats on and now he has nearly 30,000 followers.


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The Goofy Pup With The Famous Irrepressible Tongue

The Goofy Pup with the famous irrepressible tongue