The Snake Whisper who is not affected by snake bites

There’s a snake handler who has 60 of the deadliest reptiles in his residence. Albert Killian had started getting rid of snakes from the yard of his neighbor from the age of 10 and has been an animal lover since then. The amazing thing is that this man who has been bitten over 100 times has formed a tolerance to the venom that they have. Among his snakes are 3 Indian Cobras, 28 Egyptian Cobras, spotting cobras, forest cobras, vipers and rattle snakes. He pulls out toxins from his snakes and these are subsequently processed into pharmaceutical items.


Dog On Wheelchair & Silky Chicken Make For The Most Endearing Friends

Dog on Wheelchair & Silky Chicken make for the most endearing Friends

The Emperor Penguin – The Tallest And Heaviest Penguin

The Emperor Penguin – the tallest and heaviest penguin

Bull Shark Of 9ft That Was Spot In The Backyard Of A Florida Residence

Bull Shark of 9ft that was Spot in the Backyard of a Florida residence

Diving Dog - ‘Titti’, The Jack Russell Terrier Jumping From Rocks Together With Her Landlord

Diving Dog - ‘Titti’, the Jack Russell Terrier jumping From Rocks together with Her landlord

Seals Trying To Intimate With Penguins

Seals trying to intimate with penguins

Jimmy, Kangaroo Is Now Living In The Trailer Of Diana And Her Husband

Jimmy, Kangaroo is now living In the Trailer of Diana and her husband