A Brazilian family shares rooms with tigers

Tiger is one of the most dangerous animals in the world, but one family takes it as their pet. Ary Borges and his family are living in Maringa, Brazil. They have 7 tigers in the house. They allow their children to ride on the tigers’ back, they play and swim with them.

Ary and the family show no fear to the giant cats after rescued two of the tigers from a circus years ago because of their bad living conditions. Ary decided to build an enclosure and welcome the tigers into the family with special care from his daughter, Uyara and Nayara. They feed, pet, walk the tigers on leads, and regularly swim with them. However, not all family member like tigers around the house, so Ary plans to open a 40-acreeco-park in Maringa where all his tigers can roam free.


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