The greyhound that has a following of 30,000 people on Instagram

Zappa is a greyhound shown on this video that has a huge following across the world and this is due to her rather ridiculous appearance. The parents of the 15 year old had been show dogs who could not make a name. However that has not deterred her from becoming popular online. Zappa is afflicted with a dental ill health that’s universal among Italian greyhounds and this disease has taken away all barring a couple of her teeth. Thus her tongue constantly lolls at a side of her jaws. She is presently living amid the Millen folks in Pewaukee of Wisconsin, who also have a couple of dogs, a regular poodle, and four bald guinea pigs, Pickles, Peanut, Pipsqueak and Pepper.


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The Greyhound That Has A Following Of 30,000 People On Instagram

The greyhound that has a following of 30,000 people on Instagram

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