Obese Dog weighing 80lb Wins battle against Weight Loss

A fleshy pooch that has a weight of a toddler hippo is presently in great physical shape after having been set free by one of the wildlife charities. This stray had been having an excessive number of dogs’ dinners during its rescue in the month of September in the year before. Bolinha had a weight of over 80lbs following his treatment at a sideshow at one of the petrol stations in Mato Grosso, Brazil. This YouTube video of this pooch has been made by Pam Pet, who is a Videographer / Director.


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Dog on Wheelchair & Silky Chicken make for the most endearing Friends

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Bull Shark of 9ft that was Spot in the Backyard of a Florida residence

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Jimmy, Kangaroo is now living In the Trailer of Diana and her husband