A rare Amazonian butterfly named after Sir David Attenborough

Image Credits: Andrew Neild, Trustees of the Natural History Museum, London

This rare butterfly was named for a man who has spent much of his time surrounded by these wing critters, Sir David Attenborough. It is a remarkable specimen that resides only within a 500 kilometer swath of tropical forest in the upper Amazon basin of Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil. This black-eye butterfly differs from its closest relatives because of its strange wings which have an atypical pattern and shape.

Image Credits: Andrew Neild, Trustees of the Natural History Museum, London

A scientific associate, Andrew Neild, at the Natural History Museum in the United Kingdom said that various team of researchers that exposed the species had been deeply influenced and inspired by Sir David’s interesting and informative documentaries. The butterfly's namesake is well known as host of many popular nature-themed TV series like the BBC's "Life" and "Planet Earth."


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