The Indian National Animal

Bengal tigers are the most common tiger and figure about half of all wild tigers. They live in India and are sometimes called Indian Tigers. They are the Indian national animals. Over numerous centuries they have come to be a significant fragment of Indian tradition and beliefs. 

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They lie in postponement and move stealthily close enough to attack their victims with a rapid spring and a serious attack. Even with their impressive standing, most tigers escape humans; however, a few do become hazardous man eaters. In India, Bengal tigers are preserved in Kanha National Park in the state of Madhya Pradesh, Central India. In this park, the barred cats still enjoy a natural stability where they can find prey everywhere. Today, the Bengal tiger is safe from human greed in Kannha.

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A male Bengal tiger weigh around 420 pounds and has a body length of 6 feet and a tail length of 3 feet. A female Bengal tiger is only 310 pounds and 8 feet long including tail. Bengal tigers are incredibly strong and are able to drag their kills almost half a mile even though the prey is heavier than itself.

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Bengal tigers are mostly lonely, however, they occasionally travel in groups of 3 or 4 individuals. Bengal tigers exist in the low-land parts of the rainforest where there are grasslands and swamps.


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