Cherry blossom season shows the wonderful beauty of Japan

Image credits:  Masayuki Yamashita

Every year nature performs this excellent show of beauty and colorize Japan, also called cherry blossom. And we simply can’t get enough of it!

Image credits: Masayuki Yamashita

National Geographic has invited its community members to submit photos of the event the way they see it. Results are nothing short of exciting, with cherry blossoms coloring the entire landscape.

Image credits: Yoshiki Fujiwara

It is an enormous deal in Japan, with the meteoric agency even providing updates on the blossom season. It releases the most recent news predicting advance of the cherry blossoms across Japan. The process even has its own name as sakura zensen. Therefore, don’t hesitate to join this wonderful spectacle at the northern Japan because like several pretty things, this won’t last forever.

 Image credits: Danilo Dungo

Image credits: Danilo Dungo

Image credits: Jessie Meyer

Image credits: Joe Ishikawa

Image credits: Joydeep Dasgupta


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Cherry Blossom Season Shows The Wonderful Beauty Of Japan

Cherry blossom season shows the wonderful beauty of Japan

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