Bespoke Bamboo Homes By Elora Hardy


Bespoke bamboo homes by Elora Hardy

In 2010, Elora Hardy left her productive fashion career in New York and came back to her childhood home in Bali, that is where she determined to make bamboo houses for a living. Over the course of the [...]

The Circular Bridge Stimulates Drivers To Slow Down And Enjoy The Views


The Circular Bridge stimulates drivers to Slow Down and Enjoy the Views

Rarely do bridges not only encourage but truly force users to slow down and revel in the ride. Yet, this can be specifically what the Puente Laguna Garzon, a circular bridge in Uruguay, was [...]

16 Colorful Cities Around The World


16 Colorful Cities around the world

Many of the world metropolises are stuffed with towering skyscrapers and shiny glass-and-steel facades, however not all cities are gray concrete jungles. From the candy-colored buildings of Cape Town [...]

The Afghan Lifestyle


The Afghan Lifestyle

When requested to imagine contemporary Afghanistan, pictures of a combat torn country beneath the governor of the Taliban frequently originates in mind. Though, there was a time when this nation radiated peace and decent luck [...]

Amazing Animals Born By Their Environment Elements


Amazing Animals born by their environment elements

A Canadian artist, Ellen Jewett, has created many amazing ceramic animal arts by combining with flowers, leaves and vines. She constructs these ceramic animals using an additive technique [...]

Amazing Land And Seascapes Arts By Ana Teresa Barboza


Amazing land and seascapes arts by Ana Teresa Barboza

These landscapes look like breaking the wall and jumping off their 2D arrangements to the floor. Ana produces these amazing landscapes in blue and green waterfall focusing the viewer’s eye [...]

The Home Of The Outlanders


The home of the outlanders

Settled in the mid of a 28 acre woodland in New Paltz, New York take a seat a remarkable timber geodesic dome home, evocative of a UFO that has newly propertied on Earth. This eccentric home was [...]

Photos Of The Weirdly Beautiful Abandoned Balmain Leagues Club By Brett Patman


Photos of the weirdly beautiful abandoned Balmain Leagues Club by Brett Patman

Photographer Brett Patman is working on his project Lost Collection, which he captured the view of an abandoned building into attractive photograph [...]

The Ghostly-feel Forest Photographed By Oskar Zapirain


The ghostly-feel forest photographed by Oskar Zapirain

The forest of Basque Country in Northern Spain is historically known as the forest of charcoal production within the region. The trees were cut conserving the trees and maintained the [...]

You Can Now Build Your Hobbit House In Just 3 Days


You can now build your Hobbit House in just 3 days

It takes only 3 people to assemble the structure in 3 days, with no special skills or serious equipment. Can you imagine living in a 400-square-foot small home that's eco-friendly and [...]