Artist Puts Solar System And Galaxies In Glass Spheres


Artist puts solar system and galaxies in glass spheres

Many forms of galaxy arts have been revealed to let people see how the outside world looks like. It comes in video, drawings, oil paintings and even glasses. Satoshi Tomizu is [...]

600 Posters Challenge The UN COP21 Climate Conference In Paris


600 Posters challenge the UN COP21 Climate Conference in Paris

This November during the French state of emergency following terrorist attacks, 600 posters were covertly distributed and hung at bus stops around the city with secured glass. These posters [...]

Take A Walk Through A World Where We Meet Ourselves


Take a walk through a world where we meet ourselves

Japanese photographer, Daisuke Takakura, has started his project in 2012 called “Monodramatic” that describes dramatic composition written for one performer as multiple [...]

Man Smartly Photoshops Himself As A Superstar’s


Man Smartly Photoshops Himself as a superstar’s "Fraternal Twin"

Kirby Jenner is the Instagram alias of an anonymous artist-cum-comedian who smartly parades as Kendall Jenner's fictitious “fraternal twin,” thanks to the magic of Photoshop. While the real-life [...]

The Circular Bridge Stimulates Drivers To Slow Down And Enjoy The Views


The Circular Bridge stimulates drivers to Slow Down and Enjoy the Views

Rarely do bridges not only encourage but truly force users to slow down and revel in the ride. Yet, this can be specifically what the Puente Laguna Garzon, a circular bridge in Uruguay, was [...]

American Artist Turns Spoons To Incredible Motorbikes


American artist turns spoons to incredible motorbikes

American artist James Rice has become an online sensation for making lovely bike sculptures using nothing but bent spoons. Pictures of his distinctive creations have gone viral, with [...]

Building Your Architectural Concept With Simple Tools
Building Your Architectural Concept With Simple Tools


Building your architectural concept with simple tools

You may use many types of things around you to get design concepts. You can use pens to make pen shaped building concepts, or use shower shaped home, or round home, that [...]

Photos Of The Weirdly Beautiful Abandoned Balmain Leagues Club By Brett Patman


Photos of the weirdly beautiful abandoned Balmain Leagues Club by Brett Patman

Photographer Brett Patman is working on his project Lost Collection, which he captured the view of an abandoned building into attractive photograph [...]

Beautiful London Photos Of 2015


Beautiful London Photos of 2015

London is a beautiful city and has been known for its amazing sights that attracts lots of guests every year. It’s not a secret that after you go there, there's no probability for you to not [...]

Funny Animals Shot At Perfectly Movement


Funny animals shot at perfectly movement

Animals are lovely and funny in some ways. They are photographed at perfect time with high speed camera. Luckily, some of them are shown here at their happiest time and funny ways. [...]