Chongqing Graduate Builds His Office With 8,500 Beer Bottles


Chongqing Graduate builds his office with 8,500 beer bottles

While his friends were busy in seeking for jobs, a Chinese architecture graduate of Chongqing, Li Junrong, built an amazing office using 8,500 beer bottles. Li spent 4 months to build [...]

Amazing Land And Seascapes Arts By Ana Teresa Barboza


Amazing land and seascapes arts by Ana Teresa Barboza

These landscapes look like breaking the wall and jumping off their 2D arrangements to the floor. Ana produces these amazing landscapes in blue and green waterfall focusing the viewer’s eye [...]

The Unforgettable City To Visit In Egypt


The unforgettable city to visit in Egypt

Alexandria is founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BCE in northern Egypt on the Mediterranean Sea. It is grown from a small port town to become the most important metropolis in ancient Egypt and also considered as one of the most [...]

Amazing Woodcarvings In Dongyang


Amazing Woodcarvings in Dongyang

Dongyang woodcarving is among the main schools of woodcarving in China and was first established during the Tang dynasty. The school is famous for its attractive high relief carving and delicate design which was [...]

The Tree House Can Be A Better Choice For Living


The tree house can be a better choice for living

The Longbranch Cabin has realized fairly an alteration meanwhile its innovative structure in 1959. Situated among the high fir trees on the Puget Sound, inventor Jim Olson has modified and prolonged [...]

Phnom Penh Nightlife


Phnom Penh Nightlife

There is many choice if you wish to relish a night out in Phnom Penh, and also the choices are growing more each year! Anyone who has visited Phnom Penh a few years ago can tell you how much the city has been modified. Not only [...]

Crocosaurus Cove In The Heart Of Darwin City


Crocosaurus Cove in the heart of Darwin city

Crocosaurus Cove, located in the heart of Darwin city, allows visitors a unique, up close and personal view of Australia’s iconic Saltwater Crocodiles and is a must see attraction when visiting [...]

The Valley Of Dreamland


The valley of dreamland

Durmitor signifies mountain array situated in the north-western part of Montenegro. The chain has a span of around 50 km and a breadth of near 20 km. Durmitor National Park has a part of 39000 [...]

Wonderful Restaurant In A Cliff On The Italian Coast


Wonderful Restaurant in a cliff on the Italian Coast

The Grotta Palazzese hotel restaurant is the spectacular cave overlooking the Adriatic Sea. It’s set in the town of Polignano a Mare, Southern Italy. The hotel restaurant is ready in rounded stone [...]

10 Pictures Of Animals That Make The World More Beautiful


10 pictures of animals that make the world more beautiful

The world we live in consists of many colorful things like nature and animals. Some look adorable and some scary by its nature. They are not only different in species, but also in color which [...]