Sang Saa Private Island – The Havens Of Virgin Rain-forests And Glistening White Beaches


Sang Saa Private Island – The havens of virgin rain-forests and glistening white beaches

Sang Saa Private Island is one of the beautiful Islands in Cambodia in the Gulf of Thailand. Situated 29 km from the port Sihanoukville, Sang Saa Private [...]

Funny Animals Shot At Perfectly Movement


Funny animals shot at perfectly movement

Animals are lovely and funny in some ways. They are photographed at perfect time with high speed camera. Luckily, some of them are shown here at their happiest time and funny ways. [...]

Patagonia: A Journey To Remember


Patagonia: a journey to remember

If you inquired from somebody who has visited there to define Patagonia, that would be complete like this: that site is on unreachable terrain. It is situated at the farthest corner of the world, continually bare to punitive wind [...]

Let’s Visit China


Let’s Visit China

Not all places in China is industrial zone, but it is much more beautiful by nature. You just need to know where you should go and where you should not. China is home of breathtaking country for everyone [...]

Woman Faces Up To 10 Years In Jail For Feeding Water To Pigs


Woman faces up to 10 years in Jail for feeding water to pigs

Anita Krajnc is the co-founder of Toronto Pig Save, a vegetarian organization that holds vigils for animals on their way to slaughter. She clashed with the driver of a vehicle carrying pigs to a [...]

Amazing Land And Seascapes Arts By Ana Teresa Barboza


Amazing land and seascapes arts by Ana Teresa Barboza

These landscapes look like breaking the wall and jumping off their 2D arrangements to the floor. Ana produces these amazing landscapes in blue and green waterfall focusing the viewer’s eye [...]

The Outstanding Cave House


The outstanding Cave house

If dwelling in a cavern has never attracted to you, The Rock house Retreat might create you alteration your melody. Situated in countryside of Worcestershire of England, this distinctive place [...]

The Emperor Penguin – The Tallest And Heaviest Penguin


The Emperor Penguin – the tallest and heaviest penguin

The Emperor Penguin is the heaviest of all penguin species in Antarctica. They are similar in plumage and size, up to 122 cm in height and weighing up to 45 kg. The dorsal side and [...]

Family Reside With Its 13 Bears In Their Plot


Family reside with its 13 Bears in Their plot

Johnny Welde is a person who does not need anything more than the bare requirement in life and his bare requirement are the 13 bears living in his plot. Johnny and the members of his family [...]

Casablanca, The Gorgeous Beauty Speaks Itself


Casablanca, the gorgeous beauty speaks itself

Tempting mixture completed of old and fresh architectural structures is identifiable for Casablanca. It is the biggest metropolis of Morocco, located in the western portion of the nation by the [...]