Man Smartly Photoshops Himself As A Superstar’s


Man Smartly Photoshops Himself as a superstar’s "Fraternal Twin"

Kirby Jenner is the Instagram alias of an anonymous artist-cum-comedian who smartly parades as Kendall Jenner's fictitious “fraternal twin,” thanks to the magic of Photoshop. While the real-life [...]

Artist Turned Abandoned Shop Into Attractive Building With Wooden Jacket


Artist turned abandoned shop into attractive building with wooden jacket

Russian artist, Nikolay Polissky, has successfully wrapped around an abandoned Soviet building which used to contain the village shop but stood as a ruin of the last 10 years [...]

The Largest Glacier Of Europe


The largest glacier of Europe

Vatnajökull is the biggest glacier of Europe. It is casing closely 8% of the terrain of Iceland, a part of nearby 8100 kilometer. With a width of 400 meter and in certain spaces up to 1000, Vatnajökull [...]

The Hanging Hotel
The Hanging Hotel


The Hanging Hotel

Skylodge hotel which is located in Cusco, Peru, is created by three see-through capsules stuck to the side of a cliff. The whole system is 1,312 meters overhead the attractive Sacred Valley, the then core land of the legendary [...]

Koh Rong Island - The Fantastic Breath Taking Place In Sihanoukville


Koh Rong Island - The fantastic breath taking place in Sihanoukville

Koh Rong is the biggest island off the coast of Sihanoukville within the Gulf of Thailand that stretches from southeast to north-west, roughly elongate form and it encompasses an area [...]

Kom Ombo, The Worship Temple For Crocodile God


Kom Ombo, the worship temple for crocodile god

Kom Ombo is a new museum of Egypt locates 45 km north of Aswan. It is known as the worship temple of Sobek or the crocodile god and also honored Haroeris, the falcon-headed god Horus [...]

It’s More Romantic In Kirirom National Park


It’s more romantic in Kirirom National Park

Kirirom National Park is a national park in Cambodia located in Kampong Speu Province at 112 km from Phnom Penh off National Highway 4 on the road to Sihanoukville. Named by King Monivong in the [...]

It's More Fun In The Baguio City - Philippine


It's More Fun in the Baguio City - Philippine

Baguio, officially the City of Baguio, is a highly urban city located in the sphere of Benguet in northern Luzon Island of the Philippines. The city has become the focal point of commerce [...]

Cambodian Boys Broke The Jar To Rescue A Cow


Cambodian Boys Broke the jar to rescue a Cow

It’s like a funny story to hear a cow can get into the jar. But it happens! Cambodian boys broke the jar to rescue a cow which fell into the jar overnight. No one knows what make the cow fall into [...]

'Elvis' Is The 38lb Cat That Is Following A Diet In An Attempt To Shed Weight
'Elvis' Is The 38lb Cat That Is Following A Diet In An Attempt To Shed Weight


'Elvis' is the 38lb cat that is following a Diet in an attempt to shed Weight

This video is of an overweight & diabetic cat considered the bulkiest muggy worldwide that has been facing an uphill struggle to shed weight. This muggy who has been named Elvis take after [...]