Ancient Flуіng Machines


Ancient Flуіng Machines

In the 1780’s, for the first time in accepted history, two French men achieved lighter-than- air flight when using a hot air balloon near Paris. A small minority of scientist believes that is an evidence to suggest [...]

The Patricia And Phillip Frost Museum Of Science


The Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science

When it's completed next summer, the Patricia and Phillip Frost museum of Science in Miami will feature the world's latest planetarium. No one driving on busy Biscayne Street or the general [...]

Gdansk - A Gate To Poland And Central Europe


Gdansk - a gate to Poland and Central Europe

Gdansk, the city on the sea, has continually benefited from its location. In its history of over one thousand years it absolutely was Poland's gate for commercialism grain and alternative [...]

Wonderful Restaurant In A Cliff On The Italian Coast


Wonderful Restaurant in a cliff on the Italian Coast

The Grotta Palazzese hotel restaurant is the spectacular cave overlooking the Adriatic Sea. It’s set in the town of Polignano a Mare, Southern Italy. The hotel restaurant is ready in rounded stone [...]

Man Successfully Kisses The King Of Cobra
Man Successfully Kisses The King Of Cobra


Man Successfully Kisses the King of Cobra

Playing with snake is dangerous for most people. It can kill you in a minute or make you to become the disable in mentality. However, it may be possible for some people who know the nature of snake [...]

Perfect Timed Photo Of The Day


Perfect Timed Photo of the day

Here are some photos shoot at perfect motion and location. It really makes you feel happy and relaxed. Take some time to enjoy it and share it among your friends or family. Let them know you're thinking of them all the time. [...]

When The Ship Stands On Shore


When the ship stands on shore

We can see many expensive and luxurious hotels throughout the world. But they are maximum ordinary in shape. If you are in Korea, you can experience a luxurious hotel which is made just beside the sea shore. [...]