Top 3 Popular Beaches in Australia

A destination vacation anytime of the year, Australia is one of the best during the summer season as this sub-continent is enclosed by seas and oceans. When coming up with a destination vacation, we always think about going to the beach. In Australia, the most stunning time of the year is during summer, since this is the time were all beaches are stuffed to the edge do to the best views of seas and beaches in the world. With more than 1000 kilometers of stretches of beaches, it's a normal thing to see gorgeous and spectacular views on a daily basis. But in fact, there are beaches that just stand out from the remainder. This article will give you a concept on where to travel if what you are searching for are the most popular and the best beaches in Australia.

Hyams Beach Jervis Bay

Just a two-hour drive from Sydney, this beach boasts natural attractions like kangaroos and plants instead of architectural attractions. Hyams Beach is a good destination for those who relish tranquility and nature, possibly attributed to some of the world's whitest pure silica sand. Locals here have declared these properties as the best in the world. Because of all this, it's been declared a national park just recently, making it together of the most highly maintained tourist destinations in Australia. Clear water, impressive performances by dolphins and amazing underwater camera, Hyams Beach is an all-in-one for nature lovers. Tourists can also enjoy some fun activities, like jet-skiing, swimming, fishing and sailing.

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Palm Beach

Known in Sydney as the most popular hangout for locals and foreign visitors, Palm Beach is a perfect place to regain your energy after a long tiring day of adventure. The beach was named for the Cabbage Tree palms that were close to Cabbage Tree Boat Harbour. Palm Beach is open to the public; but visitors and land-owners are some of Australia's most affluent folks. Although this collection of beaches isn't most lovely of views in the country, it's the most important center for water sports and hiking. The beach also attracts rock climbers, due to there being 2 sandstone boulders with highly featured vertical and overhanging options allowing for bouldering. There are also variety of resorts and golf courses here, it's also been featured in many music videos in the country and became the setting for the known soap opera Home and Away.

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Four-Mile Beach

This is one of the longest beaches of Port Douglas. Four-Mile Beach is known as for the four mile stretch of pristine beach front. Hikers and tourists are definitely getting to love the wonderful scenery. This beach became the loved destination for many native and foreign families. This beach is a residence for many different animals and there is plenty of space for exploring. The sea is clear and deep, with good opportunities for fishing and yachting. The only danger that you have to be careful for is the infestation of jellyfish for several weeks. However, throughout the year, this beach is a safe place to seek out fun and sun. Four-Mile Beach is taken into account the premier beach of Port Douglas, starting at the northern rocky headland and continued without any buildings or construction interrupting the pristine views.

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Australia is blessed with too many wonderful beaches to list, giving some of the world's best surfing, snorkeling, skin diving and of course simply relaxing in a beach chair under an umbrella. In the right season the sun is hot and the sea is cool. However, the country is additionally home to its share of deadly land and sea creatures. These creatures are well-known to the native population and treated with due respect so guests should use caution. Discovering the attractive beaches of Australia is left to the explorer as the locals have currently created this a part of lifestyle. The next time you would like to be in the country throughout your vacation, be sure to go to these amazing beaches.


Top 3 Popular Beaches In Australia

Top 3 Popular Beaches in Australia

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