Photos Of The Weirdly Beautiful Abandoned Balmain Leagues Club By Brett Patman


Photos of the weirdly beautiful abandoned Balmain Leagues Club by Brett Patman

Photographer Brett Patman is working on his project Lost Collection, which he captured the view of an abandoned building into attractive photograph [...]

Beautiful London Photos Of 2015


Beautiful London Photos of 2015

London is a beautiful city and has been known for its amazing sights that attracts lots of guests every year. It’s not a secret that after you go there, there's no probability for you to not [...]

Victoria - The City Of British Columbia, Canada


Victoria - the city of British Columbia, Canada

Victoria, named after Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom, is the capital city of British Columbia, Canada and is one of the oldest cities in Pacific Northwest, with British settlement beginning in [...]

Obese Dog Weighing 80lb Wins Battle Against Weight Loss


Obese Dog weighing 80lb Wins battle against Weight Loss

A fleshy pooch that has a weight of a toddler hippo is presently in great physical shape after having been set free by one of the wildlife charities. This stray had been having an excessive number of [...]

Top 3 Popular Beaches In Australia


Top 3 Popular Beaches in Australia

A destination vacation anytime of the year, Australia is one of the best during the summer season as this sub-continent is enclosed by seas and oceans. When coming up with a destination vacation, we always think about going to the [...]

The Largest Glacier Of Europe


The largest glacier of Europe

Vatnajökull is the biggest glacier of Europe. It is casing closely 8% of the terrain of Iceland, a part of nearby 8100 kilometer. With a width of 400 meter and in certain spaces up to 1000, Vatnajökull [...]

Lucky Tourists Meet The Grey Whales


Lucky tourists meet the grey whales

Observing wild life from a close distance is a dream for every tourist. Some grey whales are spotted at the Baja California in New Mexico to entertain the tourists thoroughly. They create a magical [...]

Booming Ice Chasm - A Beautiful Ice Cave For Ice Climbing Lover


Booming Ice chasm - a beautiful ice cave for ice climbing lover

Found about 700 meters up the face of a mountain, Booming Ice chasm is a beautiful ice cave in the Crowsnest Pass region of the Canadian mountain chain in Alberta. Booming Ice chasm is what’s [...]

The Lady In Florida Who Has Pet Bengal Tigers In Her Backyard
The Lady In Florida Who Has Pet Bengal Tigers In Her Backyard


The lady in Florida who has pet Bengal Tigers in Her backyard

Whereas the greater numbers of retired individuals spend time relaxing in their backyard Janice Haley likes hand feeding the couple of man-eating tigers that are in her backyard. They reside [...]

Kom Ombo, The Worship Temple For Crocodile God


Kom Ombo, the worship temple for crocodile god

Kom Ombo is a new museum of Egypt locates 45 km north of Aswan. It is known as the worship temple of Sobek or the crocodile god and also honored Haroeris, the falcon-headed god Horus [...]