Grenada- A Spice Island That Holds The World’s First Underwater Monument Park


Grenada- a spice island that holds the world’s first Underwater Monument Park

Smaller surrounding islands are beautiful sanctuary for Grenada which is covering a main island and Dubbed the “Spice Isle.” Numerous nutmeg [...]

Funny Animals Shot At Perfectly Movement


Funny animals shot at perfectly movement

Animals are lovely and funny in some ways. They are photographed at perfect time with high speed camera. Luckily, some of them are shown here at their happiest time and funny ways. [...]

Bamboo: The Festive Useful Plant


bamboo: the festive useful plant

All around the class there are hundreds of thousands of unlike set species but there is one plant that stand above the rests in position of usefulness and fast growing. That plant is bamboo.Bamboo is considered as grass species and the most [...]

Guatemala - An Archaeological Site In Mayan Civilization


Guatemala - an archaeological site in Mayan civilization

Human settlers in 1511 became the history of Guatemala. With little contact with cultures outside Mesoamerica, the Mayan development (2,000 BC – 250 AD) was amongst those that [...]

Tricia Is The Painting Elephant That Creates Artwork Worth $1000 By Using Her Trunk
Tricia Is The Painting Elephant That Creates Artwork Worth $1000 By Using Her Trunk


Tricia is the Painting Elephant that Creates Artwork worth $1000 by using Her Trunk

The elephant of Perth Zoo has visitors looking on in amazement as she paints. This Asian elephant aged 50 years and named Trish paints on canvas after [...]

The Importance Of Nile River In Egypt Civilization


The Importance of Nile River in Egypt Civilization

The Nile River has played extremely important role in life of ancient Egypt. It is the longest river in the world with 6695 kilometers long (4184 miles). It flooded the lands of Egypt and left [...]

Angkor Thom: The Last Capital Of Khmer Empire


Angkor Thom: the last capital of Khmer Empire

It is of an earlier date during the kings of the tenth and first half of the tenth and first half of the eleventh centuries. The plan of the Royal Palace was determined including the temple-mountain of Phimeanaka and surrounding [...]

The Scented Flower Garden That Makes A Blind Wife Smile Again


The Scented Flower Garden that makes a blind wife smile again

Over 7,000 people visit this lovely herb bryophyte garden in Shintomi town, Japan’s Miyazaki Prefecture on any given day within the months of March and April, drawn each by the wonder of this scented [...]

Rescue Operation Of Giant Anaconda
Rescue Operation Of Giant Anaconda


Rescue operation of giant anaconda

Being heavily injured a giant anaconda was lying inside bushes behind a well-known tourist resort. The deadly reptile was approximately 16 foot long. After discovered its appearance the tourists got panic [...]

15 Reasons Why Iceland Should Be In Your Travel List


15 reasons why Iceland should be in your travel list

It is a beautiful country with lots of glaciers, waterfalls, and magical landscapes inspiring to the tourists, artists and photographers. In summer, Iceland is surprisingly warm, lush and green [...]