Rescue Operation Of Giant Anaconda
Rescue Operation Of Giant Anaconda


Rescue operation of giant anaconda

Being heavily injured a giant anaconda was lying inside bushes behind a well-known tourist resort. The deadly reptile was approximately 16 foot long. After discovered its appearance the tourists got panic [...]

The Home Of The Outlanders


The home of the outlanders

Settled in the mid of a 28 acre woodland in New Paltz, New York take a seat a remarkable timber geodesic dome home, evocative of a UFO that has newly propertied on Earth. This eccentric home was [...]

Top 3 Popular Beaches In Australia


Top 3 Popular Beaches in Australia

A destination vacation anytime of the year, Australia is one of the best during the summer season as this sub-continent is enclosed by seas and oceans. When coming up with a destination vacation, we always think about going to the [...]

Lake Natron In Northern Tаnzаnіа


Lake Natron In northern Tаnzаnіа

Lake Natron is a salt lake located in northern Tanzania, close to the Kenyan border, in the eastern of branch of the East African Rift. The lake is fed by the Southern Ewaso Ng’iro River and also by mineral-rich hot springs [...]

The Killing Caves In Battambang


The Killing Caves in Battambang

Located 11 km southwest of Battambang in Cambodia, the Phnom Sampeau killing caves are considered the historical attractive site which attract thousands of local and international visitors every year. Major atrocities occurred the [...]

Sang Saa Private Island – The Havens Of Virgin Rain-forests And Glistening White Beaches


Sang Saa Private Island – The havens of virgin rain-forests and glistening white beaches

Sang Saa Private Island is one of the beautiful Islands in Cambodia in the Gulf of Thailand. Situated 29 km from the port Sihanoukville, Sang Saa Private [...]

Your Travel Destination In A Wonderful Caribbean Island Of Cuba


Your travel destination in a wonderful Caribbean island of Cuba

Cuba is a country in indication and we don’t just remark about the numerous types of conveyance you’ll find yourself resting in this country, but the thing is that this beautiful nation [...]

Things To Do In Sydney Harbor National Park


Things to do in Sydney Harbor National Park

Beyond its gorgeous buildings, Sydney Harbor National Park lodgings separated beaches, rare pockets of local bush land and attractive islands. Swim, picnic and bushwalk along the spectacular [...]

A Cat Went To The Neighbor To Borrow Toy
A Cat Went To The Neighbor To Borrow Toy


A cat went to the neighbor to borrow toy

It made my day to see that a cat can borrow a toy from the neighbor. It seems not just looking for toy to have fun but also for new friend. He needs friend. Help him find one! [...]

Top 7 Things To Do In Melbourne


Top 7 things to do in Melbourne

Exploring Melbourne's laneways is just one side of this various city. Get a cricket or football fix. Soak up art and culture. Go high-end dining or drop by the best pub burger. Shop for local designer fashion or cycle the bayside. [...]