The Scented Flower Garden That Makes A Blind Wife Smile Again


The Scented Flower Garden that makes a blind wife smile again

Over 7,000 people visit this lovely herb bryophyte garden in Shintomi town, Japan’s Miyazaki Prefecture on any given day within the months of March and April, drawn each by the wonder of this scented [...]

Diving Dog - ‘Titti’, The Jack Russell Terrier Jumping From Rocks Together With Her Landlord


Diving Dog - ‘Titti’, the Jack Russell Terrier jumping From Rocks together with Her landlord

This YouTube video is of a diving dog scoring 10 out of 10 while launching her from the top of a cliff right into the crystal clear cobalt waters of St Peter's [...]

Seals Trying To Intimate With Penguins


Seals trying to intimate with penguins

The animal kingdom has witnessed many unusual phenomenon that has left the world shell-shocked. This video will tell you of such an incident. Hybrids are a common thing but it is done mostly by artificial breeding. Scientists have [...]

Dubai: The City Of Dynamic Building


Dubai: The city of Dynamic Building

Da Vinci Tower locates in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is a 420-metre (1,378 ft.) with 80 floors multistory building designed by architect David Fisher. The tower is well-known for its dynamic building for reasons that each floor [...]

The Patricia And Phillip Frost Museum Of Science


The Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science

When it's completed next summer, the Patricia and Phillip Frost museum of Science in Miami will feature the world's latest planetarium. No one driving on busy Biscayne Street or the general [...]

Amazing Woodcarvings In Dongyang


Amazing Woodcarvings in Dongyang

Dongyang woodcarving is among the main schools of woodcarving in China and was first established during the Tang dynasty. The school is famous for its attractive high relief carving and delicate design which was [...]

Jimmy, Kangaroo Is Now Living In The Trailer Of Diana And Her Husband


Jimmy, Kangaroo is now living In the Trailer of Diana and her husband

A lady as well as her spouse is the proud owner of kangaroo Jimmy ever since they had adopted a toddler Kangaroo who resides, has food and sleeps in their company. Larry Moyer and Diana had adopted [...]

The Ghostly-feel Forest Photographed By Oskar Zapirain


The ghostly-feel forest photographed by Oskar Zapirain

The forest of Basque Country in Northern Spain is historically known as the forest of charcoal production within the region. The trees were cut conserving the trees and maintained the [...]

Mulan The 178kg Tiger


Mulan the 178kg tiger

Abdullah Sholeh hails from Malang, Indonesia and is an Islamic undergraduate and he is now a very close companion and a round the clock nanny of the tiger. He was requested to look after the tiger, Mulan, by its [...]

Ten Beautiful Pictures Of France


Ten Beautiful Pictures of France

One of the most travel destinations in Europe is France which consists of travelers from all over the world. In France, there are so many beautiful landscapes to see, wonderful historic sites and architectures and more [...]