The Snake Whisper Who Is Not Affected By Snake Bites


The Snake Whisper who is not affected by snake bites

There’s a snake handler who has 60 of the deadliest reptiles in his residence. Albert Killian had started getting rid of snakes from the yard of his neighbor from the age of 10 and has been an animal lover [...]

Amazing Land And Seascapes Arts By Ana Teresa Barboza


Amazing land and seascapes arts by Ana Teresa Barboza

These landscapes look like breaking the wall and jumping off their 2D arrangements to the floor. Ana produces these amazing landscapes in blue and green waterfall focusing the viewer’s eye [...]

Some Reasons Why You Should Spend A Holiday In Dominica


Some Reasons Why you should spend a holiday in Dominica

Dominica is marked ‘Dom-in-eee-ka’ which means ‘Sunday’ in Latin known as the Caribbean’s ‘nature island’. Nature plays important roles in promoting this mountainous Caribbean island country to [...]

Casablanca, The Gorgeous Beauty Speaks Itself


Casablanca, the gorgeous beauty speaks itself

Tempting mixture completed of old and fresh architectural structures is identifiable for Casablanca. It is the biggest metropolis of Morocco, located in the western portion of the nation by the [...]

Woman Faces Up To 10 Years In Jail For Feeding Water To Pigs


Woman faces up to 10 years in Jail for feeding water to pigs

Anita Krajnc is the co-founder of Toronto Pig Save, a vegetarian organization that holds vigils for animals on their way to slaughter. She clashed with the driver of a vehicle carrying pigs to a [...]

Grenada- A Spice Island That Holds The World’s First Underwater Monument Park


Grenada- a spice island that holds the world’s first Underwater Monument Park

Smaller surrounding islands are beautiful sanctuary for Grenada which is covering a main island and Dubbed the “Spice Isle.” Numerous nutmeg [...]

The Home Of The Outlanders


The home of the outlanders

Settled in the mid of a 28 acre woodland in New Paltz, New York take a seat a remarkable timber geodesic dome home, evocative of a UFO that has newly propertied on Earth. This eccentric home was [...]

The Craters Full Of Mystery


The Craters full of mystery

Something strange is occurring to Siberia and it is attracted specialists all over the world anxious. It appears that the massive Russian area is merely slicing into inexplicable colossal hollows that are so vast [...]

Affectionate Relation Between Predator And Prey
Affectionate Relation Between Predator And Prey


Affectionate relation between predator and prey

Prey is making a strong friendship with its predator. This is not a very common scene to experience. But this very rare footage framed in camera in the Kruger National Park located in South Africa. [...]

Top 7 Things To Do In Melbourne


Top 7 things to do in Melbourne

Exploring Melbourne's laneways is just one side of this various city. Get a cricket or football fix. Soak up art and culture. Go high-end dining or drop by the best pub burger. Shop for local designer fashion or cycle the bayside. [...]