Angkor Thom: The Last Capital Of Khmer Empire


Angkor Thom: the last capital of Khmer Empire

It is of an earlier date during the kings of the tenth and first half of the tenth and first half of the eleventh centuries. The plan of the Royal Palace was determined including the temple-mountain of Phimeanaka and surrounding [...]

Bamboo: The Festive Useful Plant


bamboo: the festive useful plant

All around the class there are hundreds of thousands of unlike set species but there is one plant that stand above the rests in position of usefulness and fast growing. That plant is bamboo.Bamboo is considered as grass species and the most [...]

7 Amazing Buildings In The World To Explore In 2016


7 amazing buildings in the world to explore in 2016

List here, are recommended buildings to explore in 2016 that provide background and history. All of them are designed by the top world companies that won architectural awards and [...]

The Greyhound That Has A Following Of 30,000 People On Instagram


The greyhound that has a following of 30,000 people on Instagram

Zappa is a greyhound shown on this video that has a huge following across the world and this is due to her rather ridiculous appearance. The parents of the 15 year old had been show dogs who could not make [...]

Artist Puts Solar System And Galaxies In Glass Spheres


Artist puts solar system and galaxies in glass spheres

Many forms of galaxy arts have been revealed to let people see how the outside world looks like. It comes in video, drawings, oil paintings and even glasses. Satoshi Tomizu is [...]

Amazing Woodcarvings In Dongyang


Amazing Woodcarvings in Dongyang

Dongyang woodcarving is among the main schools of woodcarving in China and was first established during the Tang dynasty. The school is famous for its attractive high relief carving and delicate design which was [...]

Lеѕhаn Gіаnt Buddhа, Chіnа


Lеѕhаn Gіаnt Buddhа, Chіnа

It іѕ the tаllеѕt рrе-mоdеrn statue in the wоrld.  This statue іѕ buіlt bу Hаіtоng a Chіnеѕе monk, hе buіlt thіѕ statue tо calm down the turbulеnt аnd dangerous Mіnjаng Rіvеr аnd hе ѕuссееdеd.  Much rock fеll from thе сlіffѕ [...]

Baigong Pіреѕ


Baigong Pіреѕ

Baigong Pіреѕ was fоund in 3 caves on Mоunt Bаіgоng in China. The ріреѕ wеrе fоund by a group of scientists who wеrе seeking dіnоѕаur fоѕѕіlѕ аt the time. The ріреѕ vаrу іn ѕіzе, аnd реорlе believe thеу were uѕеd аѕ [...]

Why Everyone Loves Melbourne’s Life


Why everyone loves Melbourne’s life

Melbourne’s status as a supremely habitable city is well-documented, as is its outstanding café culture. And though the coffee tasted great everywhere, it was the local way to drinking it—the unhurried pace joie de vivre, and enth [...]

The Cave With The Sensation


The cave with the sensation

One of the World’s miracles wonderful is surely Reed Flute Cave situated 5 km away from the town of Guilin in Guangxi, China. This cavern got the title afterward the canes that produce earlier the entrance, which are identified [...]