The Nature Inspired House By A. Masow Architects


The nature inspired house by A. Masow Architects

First introduced in 2013, the tree design never made it happen because investors at that time decided to remove. But now there is a hope for this concept as one glass and solar panel investor has expressed [...]

Celebrate Annual Water Festival In Siem Reap


Celebrate annual Water Festival in Siem Reap

Bon Om Touk or the Cambodian Water Festival, is the happiest festival in Cambodia celebrated in November and marks a setback of the flow of the Tonle Sap River. It is celebrated in every [...]

I Photographed The Different Fashion Of The Kayan Folk


I Photographed The Different Fashion Of The Kayan Folk

The distributed culture of Burma is an endeavor of the country's unique personality. I was reputable to jaunt other tribes there, including the Kayan tribe whose women assume dull jewelry volute necklaces around their necks [...]

Ta Prohm Temple: A State Of Beauty In A Power Of Trees


Ta Prohm Temple: A state of beauty in a power of trees

Ta Prohm locates southwest of the East Mebon temple and East of Angkor Thom, Siem Reap, Cambodia. Its state of ruin is a state of beauty, which is investigated with delight and left with [...]

Victoria - The City Of British Columbia, Canada


Victoria - the city of British Columbia, Canada

Victoria, named after Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom, is the capital city of British Columbia, Canada and is one of the oldest cities in Pacific Northwest, with British settlement beginning in [...]

7 Amazing Buildings In The World To Explore In 2016


7 amazing buildings in the world to explore in 2016

List here, are recommended buildings to explore in 2016 that provide background and history. All of them are designed by the top world companies that won architectural awards and [...]

Guatemala - An Archaeological Site In Mayan Civilization


Guatemala - an archaeological site in Mayan civilization

Human settlers in 1511 became the history of Guatemala. With little contact with cultures outside Mesoamerica, the Mayan development (2,000 BC – 250 AD) was amongst those that [...]

The Outstanding Cave House


The outstanding Cave house

If dwelling in a cavern has never attracted to you, The Rock house Retreat might create you alteration your melody. Situated in countryside of Worcestershire of England, this distinctive place [...]

Why Everyone Loves Melbourne’s Life


Why everyone loves Melbourne’s life

Melbourne’s status as a supremely habitable city is well-documented, as is its outstanding café culture. And though the coffee tasted great everywhere, it was the local way to drinking it—the unhurried pace joie de vivre, and enth [...]

The Snake Whisper Who Is Not Affected By Snake Bites


The Snake Whisper who is not affected by snake bites

There’s a snake handler who has 60 of the deadliest reptiles in his residence. Albert Killian had started getting rid of snakes from the yard of his neighbor from the age of 10 and has been an animal lover [...]