Guatemala - An Archaeological Site In Mayan Civilization


Guatemala - an archaeological site in Mayan civilization

Human settlers in 1511 became the history of Guatemala. With little contact with cultures outside Mesoamerica, the Mayan development (2,000 BC – 250 AD) was amongst those that [...]

Tricia Is The Painting Elephant That Creates Artwork Worth $1000 By Using Her Trunk
Tricia Is The Painting Elephant That Creates Artwork Worth $1000 By Using Her Trunk


Tricia is the Painting Elephant that Creates Artwork worth $1000 by using Her Trunk

The elephant of Perth Zoo has visitors looking on in amazement as she paints. This Asian elephant aged 50 years and named Trish paints on canvas after [...]

It's More Fun In The Baguio City - Philippine


It's More Fun in the Baguio City - Philippine

Baguio, officially the City of Baguio, is a highly urban city located in the sphere of Benguet in northern Luzon Island of the Philippines. The city has become the focal point of commerce [...]

A Cat Went To The Neighbor To Borrow Toy
A Cat Went To The Neighbor To Borrow Toy


A cat went to the neighbor to borrow toy

It made my day to see that a cat can borrow a toy from the neighbor. It seems not just looking for toy to have fun but also for new friend. He needs friend. Help him find one! [...]

Ginkgo Biloba – An Ocean Of Golden Leaves


Ginkgo biloba – an Ocean of Golden Leaves

Ginkgo biloba in Gu Guanyin Temple in the Zhongnan Mountains of China is said to be planted by Li Shimin, Emperor Taizong himself with more than 1,400 years history. Known as the maidenhair tree [...]

American Artist Turns Spoons To Incredible Motorbikes


American artist turns spoons to incredible motorbikes

American artist James Rice has become an online sensation for making lovely bike sculptures using nothing but bent spoons. Pictures of his distinctive creations have gone viral, with [...]

Wonderful Restaurant In A Cliff On The Italian Coast


Wonderful Restaurant in a cliff on the Italian Coast

The Grotta Palazzese hotel restaurant is the spectacular cave overlooking the Adriatic Sea. It’s set in the town of Polignano a Mare, Southern Italy. The hotel restaurant is ready in rounded stone [...]

Artist Puts Solar System And Galaxies In Glass Spheres


Artist puts solar system and galaxies in glass spheres

Many forms of galaxy arts have been revealed to let people see how the outside world looks like. It comes in video, drawings, oil paintings and even glasses. Satoshi Tomizu is [...]

Best 5 European Cities To Travel For 2016


Best 5 European cities to travel for 2016

Paris is one of most beautiful cities in the world and a vibrant densely packed collection of villages. Behind the palaces and boulevards, you can discover courtyards and gardens; behind historic façades [...]

Obese Dog Weighing 80lb Wins Battle Against Weight Loss


Obese Dog weighing 80lb Wins battle against Weight Loss

A fleshy pooch that has a weight of a toddler hippo is presently in great physical shape after having been set free by one of the wildlife charities. This stray had been having an excessive number of [...]