The magic fairy tale-like village around the world

There is magic in life. Well, maybe not like the type you see in Harry Potter movies (pity, I know), but a totally different kind. We're talking about the type we experience in our minds once we hear a piece of music or feel a special person next to us. Yet the daily routines typically take over and make us assume concerning something else. Thankfully, there are still these supernatural, almost fairy tale-like places where we can escape from the busyness of every day.

The following pictures are the most lovely little cities and villages around the world, taken over by the magical fantastic thing about nature and our own man-made creations. Let's us show you how stunning they are.

1. Small Town in Provence, France


2. Bibury, UK


3. Mountain Village, China


4. Abandoned Fishing Village, China


5. Eguisheim, France


6. Rothenburg, Germany


7. Bagnone, Italy


8. Renndolsentra, Norway

All images credit: boredpanda


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