Beech avenue you just have to walk through once in your lifetime

Image Credits: Karen Dermody

Located in Ireland, this avenue of ancient beech trees along the Bregagh Road close to Ballymoney in County Antrim was planted over two hundred years ago. The trees were originally meant to boost the avenue leading to the Georgian magnificence of Gracehill House, closely-held by the Stuart family. Whoever had the first idea was actually a visionary, because the full glory of a beech avenue wouldn't be visible in their life as a result of the trees take so long to grow.

Image Credits: kanbron

Today the avenue has become a public road, and therefore the mansion is a component of a golf course. The trees edge immense farming fields, thus there has been no development or homes designed on the avenue, allowing the trees to be appreciated in all their magnificence. As you walk toward them, it nearly feels as if they’re pull you in with some reasonably supernatural energy.

Image Credits: Sam DeLong


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