Incredible things found in reckless luggage

These incredible things found in a simple box are not your finds like purse and expensive phones, they are rare items like ancient artifacts, animals, dolls, bundle of cash, and naval guidance system. These amazing things are the items we could only dream about having, even in a blink of an eye they were swallowed up by air travel.  

1. Million Dollar Worth of 300 Tortoises

Authorities in Malaysia found 300 rare, live tortoises and a bunch of drugs in 2 suitcases on a flight bound for Madagascar. These tortoises are worth a boat-load of money and are often traded illegally around the world.

2. The ancient Chinese “Opium” Scales

These scales date back to the 1800s when Chinese used to measure out herbs, opium and medicine. These ancient method are said to be found on a flight and still not be claimed.

3. The $500 Barbie Doll

It is not a classic doll which worth hundreds of thousand dollars, but this Barbie doll was found in abandoned luggage with $500 in cash inside her head. Whoever lose this doll, they must have learned new way of keeping their money safe.

4. A 5.8-Karat Diamond Stuffed in a Sock

A 5.8-karat diamond was stuffed in a sock and taken on a plane. It was found in abandoned luggage worth an estimated $46,000 but it was sold for $23,000 cash.

5. The 1500 BC Egyptian Artifacts

These ancient Egyptian artifacts were found in an off-brand suitcase, Gucci, sometime in the 1980s. These artifacts were estimated to be in 1500 BC and were sold at the highest price at the famous Christie’s auction house.  

6. A $250,000 Naval GPS System

It’s like a joke to be made when a Navy officer loses a $250,000 GPS system on a plane. Luckily, it was not sold and reached to that officer shortly. Find out more on


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