Gdansk - a gate to Poland and Central Europe

Gdansk, the city on the sea, has continually benefited from its location. In its history of over one thousand years it absolutely was Poland's gate for commercialism grain and alternative goods; an area where the industry may thrive.

Image Credits: Jerzy Pinkas

The hardship that Gdansk toughened within the starting of the 90s are long over. Nearly never in Gdansk history has the city gotten a lot of investment than it's getting now. What most of those investments have in common, is that all of them contribute to increasing the role of city as a gate to Poland and Central Europe. They facilitate transporting people and merchandise, creating Gdansk a good place to live and do business.

Image Credits: Jerzy Pinkas

By sea or by rail, these don't seem to be the only ways in which to get to Gdansk. Another transport facility that provides Gdansk an excellent boost for development is the Gdansk Lech Walesa airport.  

Image Credits: Jerzy Pinkas

It is amazing how much has been done in a comparatively short time. Today, Gdansk is an abundant completely different city than it used to be even five years ago. Centuries ago, it had been named Poland's jewel within the crown to stress its crucial role in international trade. For a couple of years, this jewel has been shining once more, as Gdansk becomes a thriving hub for exchanging merchandise, an area where everyone desires to be and do business.


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