Ten Beautiful Pictures of France

One of the most travel destinations in Europe is France which consists of travelers from all over the world. In France, there are so many beautiful landscapes to see, wonderful historic sites and architectures and more to study. If you are new to France, you must visit the ten places listed below before you come back home. Each place attaches with a story in ancient time that makes France stay strong till the present.

1. Loire

Image Credit: vostok 91

2. Mont Saint-Miche

Image Credit: Dennis Jarvis

3. Royal Palace Versailles

Image Credit: Dennis Jarvis

4. Eiffel Tower

Image Credit: Jiuguang Wang

5. Chartres Cathedral

Image Credit: Connie Ma

6. Chamonix

Image Credit: Didier Baertschiger

7. Chateau de Chambord

Image Credit: Luciano Guelfi

8. St Tropez

Image Credit: Henry Zbyszynski

9. Gorge du Verdon

Image Credit: Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho

10. Bridge France Terrasson

Image Credit: Francisco Antunes


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Ten Beautiful Pictures Of France

Ten Beautiful Pictures of France

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